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News and events


47th National Seminar on Crystallography

Jun 19-22, 2019 DAE Convention Center, BARC, Mumbai

10th International Conference on materials for Advanced Technologies 

ICMAT 2019 Jun 23 - 28, 2019 

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

2nd Annual Conference on Quantum Condensed Matter

July 8-10, 2019 IISc, Bengaluru

Participated along with our principals CS Instruments,France 

Henniker Plasma,UK and Prevac,Poland


Material Science
Life Science
Light Source and beamline


Microscopy and imaging
Deposition Systems

About Us

Born in 2007, we are a young company with rich experience and exposure. Companies galore in the similar business and missions, what separates us from the rest is - the passion to create and innovate and to provide the best services to our customers.

About the Name Anarghya

The word ANARGHYA is derived from the mythological context. According to the Vedic scriptures, when the sea was being churned using Meru (the big Mountain) and Vasuki (a Giant Serpent), many spectacular and invaluable objects of goodness emerged from the sea. Just before Goddess Lakshmi (the Goddess of Wealth) emerged, came an extremely precious stone called ANARGHYA. The Sanskrit word "ANARGHYA" basically means - " The Rarest Among the Rare". We are indeed an Indian company with a global outlook.