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In cooperation with Advanced Research Systems (ARS) Inc. USA, Anarghya innovations and technology Pvt. Ltd., offers a broad range of cryogenic equipment for diverse applications ranging from optical spectroscopy, quantum materials, magnetic materials, superconductivity, microscopy, X-ray diffraction, neutron science, Mossbauer spectroscopy and more. Since its founding in 1986, ARS has evolved as a world class manufacturer of closed cycle cryocoolers and laboratory cryogenic systems. ARS provides cutting edge cryogenic closed and open cycle solutions from 1.5 to 800 K integratable with ultralow vibrations and high magnetic fields (up to 9 T). Probe stations and custom cryogenic tools are also a strong application area for the cryogenic specialists at ARS. All systems are manufactured at the ARS headquarters in Macungie, Pennsylvania and combined with world wide sales and support services.

Helium Flow Cryostat


Closed Cycle Cryocoolers


Cryogenic probe stations