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Life Sciences

The life sciences or biological sciences research comprises the study/research of life and organisms like microorganisms, plants and animals including human beings. Life sciences discoveries are helpful in improving the quality and standard of life, and have applications in health, agriculture, medicine, and the pharmaceutical and food science industries.

Some of the areas where we can provide services and equipment are:

  1. Synthesizers: DNA, RNA, Oligo, Peptide synthesizers.

  2. Microscopy and Imaging: AFM for life science applications.

  3. Diffractometer: Single crystal XRD for protein and small molecule crystallography.



  1. DNA RNA Oligo synthesizer.

  2. Oligo Purifiers

  3. Cleavage Oven

  4. Peptide synthesizers.

  5. Automated In-situ hybridization (ISH) and Immuno hystochemistry (IHC) Robots.

  6. Automated protein digestion.

  7. Custom Peptide Services.

Activotec, UK

Activotec is a customer focussed chemical synthesis company. Providing high technology products and services for chemistry and biochemistry applications. Activotec provides a complete range of synthesizers, chemicals and services for peptide and organic synthesis.

Activotec's core focus is customer service whether it's instrument development and support, delivery of quality custom peptide synthesis services or chemicals, all critical to the success of your synthesis.


Activotec offers scientists a single point of expertise and assistance in research, design, manufacture of new, innovative and practical solutions.

Activotec Product range and services include:

  • Peptide Synthesizers: The Company develops and manufactures automated peptide synthesizers to sell worldwide to the peptide synthesis community. All development and production take place at its facility in Cambridge, UK.

  • The Activo-P11 Peptide Synthesizer developed and produced by Activotec is widely used by pharma, biotech, custom peptide providers and research institutions for the synthesis of very high quality peptides on a scale from 0.05 – 5.0 mmoles. Reactor heating is considerably more controllable and accurate compared with microwave, resulting in higher quality peptides. The P11 is the first and only synthesizer on the market that uses on-line UV feedback to control coupling times, temperature and numbers of couplings. This increases the purity and reduces synthesis cost of all sequences without unnecessarily heating or double coupling amino acids that do not need to be.

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  • Activo - P14: The Activo-P14 Peptide Synthesizer is an excellent synthesizer that automates the repetitive resin washing and deprotection steps of solid phase synthesis. The small foot print, low price and ease of use make this synthesizer an excellent choice.

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  • Organic Synthesizers: The Activo-PLS synthesizer provides an economic and easy to use parallel synthesis tool. Enabling fast lead generation, optimization, process development, combinatorial catalysis etc utilizing a range of Teflon solid phase and glass solution phase reactors. Heating and cooling, different temperature zones.


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  • Custom Peptide Synthesis: Activotec provides a fast reliable custom peptide synthesis service, using solid and solution phase chemistry employing state of the art methodologies for the design and production of peptides for research purposes. Activotec offers custom peptide services from small research scale to large scale manufacture with a full range of C and N terminal modifications.

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  • Chemicals for Peptide Synthesis: Activotec offers high purity Fmoc and Boc protected amino acid derivatives, resins and reagents to the peptide synthesis community. With competitive prices and the highest purity on the market, they are available from small to bulk quantities, including the enantiomeric purity analysis.

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K & A Laborgerate, Germany


K & A with more than 20 years of experience offers DNA/RNA/Oligo synthesizers and the complementary OPC purification and cleavage systems. 


K & A makes wide range of models, where low consumption, short cycle times, flexibility, simple handling and maintenance of the instruments are trademarks of K & A systems.


Long oligos of highest purity produced with K & A devices are superior compared to others. Wobbles, modifications and automated synthesis of S-oligos belong to the standard package as well.


K & A column synthesizers are the most modern on the world market. Single syntheses can be started and removed individually and independently from the state of process.


Furthermore, the online trityl monitor indicates quality of the running synthesis at all times.


Additionally, K & A provide custom development of synthesizers.  Resulting from many experience in operation oligo facility and in inspiring exchange of ideas with our customers during years of excellent relationship, K & A offers also complete oligo production lines, starting from sequence entry through synthesis, cleavage, purification, quality control and ending on the final paper work.

DNA/RNA/Oligo synthesizers 

K & A manufactures wide range of models based number of synthesis columns, amedite positions etc.  Typical models include H6, H8, H16 and H32 etc., indicating 6 or 8 or 16 or 32 columns. All these come on-line trytyl monitor. For price and less budget customers K & A offers S4 and S8 modela without on-line trytyl monitors.

K&A app1.jpg

Oligo purifiers 

Two different kinds of RP-purifiers: the small P-8 purifier for the H-8 synthesizers; semi manual easy controlled handling high quality of purification.

The big automated microplate P-96/P192 purifier for H-192, H-32 synthesizers and H-8 synthesizer production lines.

Before purifying the cleavage step will be made in our cleavage oven.

K&A app2.jpg

Cleavage Oven

  • Temperature                    programmable, up to 85 °C

  • Time:                            programmable, 1min – 99 hours

  • Shake speed:                programmable, 1 – 5 rotations/sec

  • Loading:                      56 single vials or one 96-microplate

K&A app3.jpg

CSInstruments, France


Imaging life science samples pose many challenges because, samples have to be in their native environments (physiological) otherwise tissues and cells will die. Imaging AFM using AFM sharp tip also poses big problems.

CS Instruments also known as Concept Scientfic Instruments based in France is important designer and manufacturer of Atomic Force Microscope more popularly known as simply AFMs. Scanning Probe Microscope (SPMs) is more wider name includes all sharp tip based probing and imaging systems.



Well-known AFM mode with many applications and different modes. In life science applications AFM is implemented with Liquid cell and temperature to simulate physiological conditions.


See some interesting AFM images:


Bacterias, Oscillating mode, 8µm


DNA, oscillating mode, 800nm

STOE, Germany


STOE was established in 1887, they are one of the longest surviving XRD Company globally. STOE makes both powder XRD and single crystal XRD.

Single Crystal XRD

Unparalleled reliability, built to serve all scientific needs: e.g. small molecules, proteins, electron density measurements. Full accessibility of the sample environment for easy adaptation of high and low temperature attachments as well as high pressure cells.


STOE IPDS II: State of the art diffractometer with extremely sensitive and reliable imaging plate technology.


  • One single instrument for small molecules & proteins

  • Very high dynamic range (16 bits)

  • Extremely low background (no dark current)

  • Perfect for weak scatterers

  • Reliable intensities of very weak and very strong reflexions within the same frame

  • Long lifetime, low maintenance, low costs of ownership



STOE’s IPDS 2T combines all the achievements of the IPDS II with the possibility to turn the whole goniometer around the Θ axis to an angle of up to 60° yielding a 2Θmax of 137°! This additional axis makes the IPDS 2T a diffractometer of unique versatility. Featuring also the dual beam capability for using two different wavelengths on the same instrument the structure solution of small molecules and proteins as well as electron density determination and powder investigations are no challenge for the IPDS 2T.


  • One single instrument for small molecules, proteins

  • Perfect for weak scatterers

  • Reliable intensities of very weak and very strong reflexions within the same frame

  • Long lifetime, low maintenance, low costs of ownership

  • Extend the features of IPDSII by collecting data up to 137° in 2θ

  • Useful for Co-radiation and electron density measurements



STOE STADIVARI The fastest and most flexible way to explore reciprocal space.

With the possibility to be set-up vertically as well as horizontally, the STADIVARI increases its scope of application.


The STADIVARI can be used for single crystal and powder diffraction. The Open Eulerian Cradle offers enough space to add high pressure cells, high- or low- temperature devices or other chambers.


In the dual beam setup, all combinations of tubes and microfocus BDS are possible: two sealed tubes, one sealed tube and one microfocus BDS or two microfocus BDS.

As the youngest member of the long line of STOE diffractometers, the STADIVARI is fully integrated in the well-established STOE X-Area software package.


  • Flexible goniometer (Eulerian cradle and various fixed chi setups)

  • Sphere of confusion

  • State of the art interface

  • Various sources (Standard sealed tubes, Microfocus, MetalJet or synchroton)

  • Ultrafast hybrid pixel detector


AppNano, USA

AppNano develops, manufactures, and supplies various nanostructures including both conventional and specialized SPM probes for most applications. They leverage their extensive experience in nanofabrication technology and research in AFM probes to supply the highest quality probes utilizing the latest technology in the market. In-house clean room facility combined with our state-of-the-art characterization tools enables rapid prototyping, adaptability, and versatility in designing and developing new products for customers.

  • AppNano makes world’s highest quality and affordable AFM probes that are compatible with all major AFM’s

  • They offer MEMS and Nano-fabrication services to make custom products

  • They offer Nano-characterization and metrology services using the state of the art tools