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Microscopy and imaging

Concept Scientific Instruments

CSInstruments is a French scientific equipment manufacturer specialized in the conception of Atomic Force Microscope and options designed for existing AFM (Resiscope, High Voltage Amplifier, Magnetic modules).

CSInstruments began by providing the AFM accessories ResiScope which allows the characterization of conductive surface. Today, CSInstruments is proposing a complete AFM microscope: the Nano-Observer, a high quality research AFM giving life to an affordable solution for any research laboratory or industry..



Lyncee tec Switzerland, are pioneers and leaders in Digital Holographic Microscope, non scanning type 3D and 4D dynamic optical profiler manufacturers. Products include time resolved (1000fps) profilometer, Holographic MEMS analyser and Industrial interferometer etc.



Unisoku, Japan is the world leader in UHV and Cryogenic Scanning Probe Microscopes. UNISOKU product range includes UHV LT (Cryo) SPM System with Super Conducting Magnet for various applications and Ambient 4-probe Surface Measurement System. Products have compact design and excellent vibration isolation, guaranteeing high stability / high resolution.


Evico magnetic,Germany

Evico magnetic  Germany develops instruments for magnetic analysis and imaging as well as novel synthesis tools for functional materials. The company is a spin-off of the Leibniz-Institute for Solid State and Materials Research IFW Dresden. Main products include Magneto-Optical KERR Microscope and High Pressure milling vial with in-situ monitoring of temperature and pressure.


RHK Technology, USA

RHK delivers compelling value and proven quality to broaden the frontiers of atomic scale research. RHK’s surface science systems integrate only the best analytical and preparation instruments from top industry suppliers. To further advance products and performance, RHK consults top scientists in their Technical Advisory Board as well as customers confronting new research challenges.

AppNano, USA

AppNano develops, manufactures, and supplies various nanostructures including both conventional and specialized SPM probes for most applications. They leverage their extensive experience in nanofabrication technology and research in AFM probes to supply the highest quality probes utilizing the latest technology in the market. In-house clean room facility combined with our state-of-the-art characterization tools enables rapid prototyping, adaptability, and versatility in designing and developing new products for customers.

  • AppNano makes world’s highest quality and affordable AFM probes that are compatible with all major AFM’s

  • They offer MEMS and Nano-fabrication services to make custom products

  • They offer Nano-characterization and metrology services using the state of the art tools